New Trends

      Most of us love to imagine the possibility of changing our home into the dream home. Whether you want to go with a modern chic look or a new contemporary style; we can help make that dream come true. Here at Amalfi we are always keeping in touch with new trends. Todayís society is fast paced and often very stressful. We want to work with you to create an environment of some serenity and accommodation. Here are just a few trends you might be interested in.


      Unique and elegantly styled to fit your home, you can create the space you envision. Whether your style is a contemporary or traditional design, our skilled craftsman use decorative style to the highest standards in preparing your quality cabinetry. With assorted natural wood species, finishes and door styles, you can have the home of your own personal taste. Accessories within the cabinets are becoming very trendy. You can utilize all of your cabinet space with so many options to fit your needs. You can now spice it up with your own style of jewelry. Did you know your kitchen can be completely changed with just a few accessories? The current trend for cabinetry is their knobs and pulls. Some prefer elegant and small and for those over scale large kitchens, why not oversize those knobs. The colors and styles go on and on. Come in to see our collections...


      Many more homeowners are upgrading their counter space to Granite or Marble. Granite remains the top selling pick for most kitchens. It remains affordable and will always add a touch of elegance to any size kitchen. Although more expensive, the elegant colors of marble, are irresistible. The soft color scheme brings out light and beauty, giving you a sense of luxury and style. This also increases the price value on your home. We also carry Silestone , Ceasarstone, and Corian. Come in to see our variety of colors...


      Tiles allow designers to create an individual look for any homeowner looking to update their home. Whether itís starting from scratch or easily adding an addition. With different colors and patterns, we can create your personal sanctuary. Although the more expensive method, Stone tile creates distinctive style that makes any home look fabulous. Whether on your backsplash with a bright border to brighten up you room, or on your floors to create a specific look. To maintain a fresh and outstanding appearance, any natural stone has to be sealed every 1 to 2 years. For all busy people, you want to come home to a beautiful kitchen and cook. You want to go in your personal bathroom and escape into your own private spa, with multiple vanities and showers. Porcelain tile has exceeded all limits and has become the most requested tile in many homes. Because of its strong durability, it has a can last from 10 to 30 years and never needs to be sealed. Porcelain tile has also become a stone look-a-like. Without spending the time and money to maintain it, the quality exceeds your imagination of designs. Many homeowners place them in the traditional places; the kitchen and bath. You can continue throughout your entire home, in your entry way, living rooms, and around your fireplace mantle.. Many people are beginning to add Mosaic Medallions and Borders to add more color and style to their home. With smart planning and our designers we can create your very own mosaics, by incorporating it within the tile design.


      Kitchen islands are becoming more popular everyday. It provides more space and comfort for everyone within the household. There are many different options and styles to consider. Would you like it in the center of the room, on the side, or even as a connected peninsula? An island is the place for gathering with one another in the kitchen. Many people love the simple fact that they accumulate more counter space or can even use it for additional cabinetry space.



  Choosing the color of you walls isnít as easy as people may think. It is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your home. More and more homeowners are beginning to learn what just a touch of color can do to their homes. The color you choose for your home reflects what you want people to see. Do you want to bring light into your room and go with a Modern Style. If so, some of these shades may fall within: rosy coral pinks and fuchsia, electric blues, yellows and forest greens, violet and deep reds. If you prefer a softer, relaxing and a more Contemporary Style, you might consider: earthy pastels such as, soft limes and lavenders, creamy yellows, peachy pinks, and calm blues. However, the most popular trend with any color you go with is sure to always finish off with a white molding. It compliments the room and finishes the job.


We offer Custom Glass Designs and installation services. Steam enclosures, tub doors, French doors, Bi-fold doors, sliding doors and many more.


 We have a great selection of Custom and Designer Vanities.

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